Vignette Design Ideas

For a plain homeowner, vignette is word that we rarely hear. We may even confuse it with vinaigrette but it isn’t so. Vignette is actually an interior decorating style which you group things on top of a table or shelves to create a mood in the space. To know more of vignette styling, read below.


Tell a Visual Story

monochromatic vignette


A well-designed vignette captures a moment in time with meaningful items that relate to each other in some way.

Compose Using Color

It could be a composition focused on color, where a group of items share a harmonious aesthetic of monochromatic or analogous hues, neutral tones or vividly contrasting complementary opposites.

Eclectic Mix

Vignettes are not a collection of like items such as antique bottles, tiki masks or seashells. It is more of an eclectic mix of items that create a varied and interesting display. So a vignette might include one of each of…